With key elected officials and others appointed to the Distributive Generation (Net Metering) Task Force, it has met twice and is poised for success in studying the issues and revising the 15 year old law Net Metering & Easy Connection Law.
MOSEIA Executive Director, Jon Dolan, and Renew MO Executive Director, James Owen, are just two of the dozen members of this task force and a significant majority is committed to the rights of consumers and to allowing solar in a fair, efficient, and cost-effective manner. It has met twice already under the steadfast leadership of Representative Bishop Davidson.
It will meet monthly, or more, throughout 2023, to dive into the history of distributive generation and determine the impact, efficacy, and challenges facing consumers, providers, and utilities in the area of Net Metering, solar system interconnection, and the costs and value of the same. Simply put, they are tasked with generating research, testimony, and facts to assist them in writing report and recommendations for the future. MOSEIA hopes this will lead to more opportunities, a better system, and more value for the customers and companies seeking solar “behind the meter.”
This is our chance and the most impactful to the future of our member companies. MOSEIA leaders are coordinating testimony and surveyed members previously on the subject. However, we still need to hear your experiences and stories from the frontlines. Contact Jon Dolan now dolan@moseia.com with your thoughts and experiences on Net Metering and Interconnection issues.