Support Solar

Solar customers deserve to be compensated for the real value of the energy they provide. That’s why, this winter, when net metering was under attack in the state legislature,  Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association (MOSEIA), showed up to lead the fight. 

Even with less than 24 hours’ notice, in a snowstorm, during a pandemic, MOSEIA members made the trip to Jefferson City to testify against bills seeking to charge unfair fees to solar customers. 

We made dozens of calls and wrote hundreds of emails to our legislators to ensure they understood the true value of solar and the impact poor legislation has on our customers and our jobs, and we won! This year, we’re ramping up to win better net metering policy for all Missouri solar owners. 

But it takes a lot of time, energy and funds to make this happen, and we need your help. 

For just $10 / month, you can support forward-looking solar policy and help realize the benefits of solar for all Missourians. Will you join us in advocating for better Missouri solar policy? 

This year, we’re not just playing defense – we’re putting forward updated net metering legislation and advocating for better opportunities for solar owners and workers across the state. 

We are pushing for policies that will make solar accessible to schools, farmers, homeowners and other community cornerstones: net metering credits that roll over from month to month and can be applied to multiple meters, excess energy credits that are applied to low-income assistance programs, as well as higher caps on the amount of solar that customers can install. 

These policies are crucial for modernizing Missouri’s electrical grid and providing Missourians access to reliable, low-cost energy. Net metering laws in the state haven’t been updated since 2008 – the time has come to implement these popular, bipartisan efforts to keep Missouri up to date and create jobs across the state. 

Donate now to support our work with Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association to improve opportunities for all current and future solar owners. And sign up to keep up with our efforts and find out how you can stay involved!