As the filing deadline for legislation has passed and committees are holding more public hearings, MOSEIA continued its work on the issue of fair local property taxation of solar energy with testimony in opposition to HB#1065 and SB#549 an effort largely inspired by one county’s vocal minority pushing an anti-solar development agenda.  Click Here for the detailed testimony by MOSEIA Executive Director, Jonathan Dolan.

Instead, we support efforts like SB#607 which provides a fair and effective nameplate price per megawatt hour ($1,750) for utility scale solar taxation and exemptions for existing projects as well as home and small business solar. Our MOSEIA Bill Tracking Report can guide you through the myriad of energy related bills: Click on  Bill Tracking List to view the complete list of the bills MOSEIA is tracking.

 A great defense wins in sports and in the legislative process.  With the promise of our task force work, we will see a comprehensive solar energy bill revising both fair local taxation and Net Metering in a future legislative session. That’s why we will also oppose the electric cooperatives efforts to “jump the gun” before the Net Metering Task Force even meets. HB#709 & HB#991 are their efforts to do that.  Our offense will be education and correcting mis-information, and building relationships with legislators wanting energy independence and consumer choice. Let the Net Metering Task Force, meet, do its diligence, and all will see we can tackle the needed revisions to this complex policy through MOSEIA’s model Net Metering legislation.