When a bad city ordinance that will amount to de facto ban on solar systems is delayed from passing, that is solid defense and a win. For now, that is the story in the stellar team effort and opposition from customers, local citizens, and MOSEIA during a recent hearing and ongoing battle in the City of Wildwood.

Simply put, the opposition to this misguided ordinance was there and enough facts have encouraged the Mayor and City Council to have commission a study about solar energy and systems, before any further action is taken. The information gained may defeat, delay, and/or improve the proposed ordinance. MOSEIA Executive Director, Jon Dolan, again provided testimony and MOSEIA members and leaders from EFS Energy & Straight Up Solar, as well as our Solar Friends played key roles in the effort. 

Eric Schneider, Director of Business Development for Straight Up Solar, and MOSEIA Policy Chair, has followed the issue and participated since it arose. Jeremey Rubenstein, Sales Manager of EFS Energy, and a citizen of Wildwood, will now participate in key meetings and has provided input to ensure the survey is fair and industry expertise included in what will be an accurate assessment of citizens views on solar.

Meantime, a key customer, whose solar system and/or conditional use permit was delayed and then denied by the city, is litigating. MOSEIA Executive Director, Jon Dolan, is coordinating these various avenues of opposition and our fight for a fair resolution. For now, it is relatively safe to say that all leaders and our solar friend’s optimism and ours, for a fair result, has increased a bit in the past month. Below is a recent article about the effort of the citizens involved. Please stay tuned for further developments.