MOSEIA is pleased to announce the 2017 Board election results


SPRINGFIELD, Mo.— The Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association (MOSEIA) is pleased to announce that Caleb Arthur was elected president during its annual meeting held in Springfield, MO last Thursday and Friday. MOSEIA is the statewide trade association that represents the interests of Missouri’s solar industry and provides its members with training and resources to develop their business.

Arthur will be joined by Mark Walters, Tradewind Energy who was elected vice president, Steve O’Roarke of Microgrid Solar in St. Louis, and Paul McKnight, owner of EFS Energy in St. Louis as other officers of MOSEIA. Arthur will serve a single term of two years, upon which time another MOSEIA member will be elected.

As president, Arthur will lead MOSEIA through a critical year for the solar industry both in Missouri and throughout the nation. The National Solar Trade Case could cost as many as 88,000 jobs if the Suniva Petition is granted, including an estimated 200 jobs lost in Missouri according to SEIA.  Ensuring that Missouri legislators are educated and informed about the impact of a tariff on imported cells will have on the solar industry is a top priority. President Trump has until January 12th to respond on the proposed remedies. In addition, Arthur says he will work to fend off bad legislation on net metering that threatens to add additional costs to Missourians who want to go solar. Finally, Arthur says he will work to provide better training and additional resources to MOSEIA members.

Generating your own electricity from solar is more affordable than ever, and the solar industry will continue to expand. MOSEIA is propelling the growth by representing solar industry stakeholders and by supporting policy issues focused on solar job creation and resilient power production in Missouri. MOSEIA also provides professional development opportunities throughout the year to ensure high installation standards are continued.

Caleb Arthur, Missouri Sun Solar
Vice President
Mark Walter, Tradewind Energy
Steve O’Rourke, Microgrid Energy
Paul McKnight, EFS Energy

Board at Large
Tom Bone, CivicSolar
John Maslowski, Renovate America
Karlo Meave, SunSmart Technologies

Erin Noble, StraightUp Solar

Congratulation new officers and directors.  A sincere appreciation to all the candidates for their willingness to serve the Association.  The Association would like to thank outgoing Board members Andy Zellers and Ted Lesiecki for their leadership and continued support of MOSIEA.

SEIA update on International Trade Commission (ITC)

Dear SEIA Members,

This morning, the International Trade Commission (ITC) held its vote on the proper remedy in the Suniva 201 trade case on crystalline silicon cells and modules. We quickly issued this statement to the press after the commissioners made their recommendations. As you may have read in the press, the four commissioners made three different recommendations on how to resolve this case. Here is the ITC’s statement with commissioners’ remarks linked in the document.

It was a good morning for us in several respects, though there is much work to be done.

  1. None of the commissioners recommended even half of what the Petitioners, Suniva and SolarWorld, asked for in terms of tariffs.
  2. None of the commissioners recommended a specific tariff (i.e. 30 cents per watt). Rather, the three that did recommend a tariff recommended an ad valorem tariff (a percentage of the cost of the cell or module at the border).
  3. None of the commissioners recommended a hard quota (i.e. no more product could be imported into the U.S. at any price after a certain level is reached) combined with a tariff.
  4. One commissioner embraced the SEIA proposal that reinvests funds into the domestic industry using a small import fee.

Even at levels below what the petitioners wanted, we still think the tariffs proposed would hurt our industry and will continue to advocate voraciously for the import fee proposal. But it’s a great starting point for negotiations with the Administration. This would never have been possible without your continued membership in and support for SEIA.

Our focus shifts now to the Trump Administration and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, who will be holding a public hearing on December 6th. We are re-doubling our efforts on communications, research and direct lobbying to ensure that decision-makers at the White House are well aware of the potential impacts of trade restrictions on the U.S. economy.

You’ll be hearing from me and my team over the coming days and weeks about how to continue supporting our efforts in this case. While today’s vote was a mixed bag, our dedication to a positive resolution has not changed. We’ll be hard at work over the next couple of months, and we look forward to collaborating with you to reach a successful outcome.

If you have any questions about the specific details of today’s vote, or about the next steps in the case, send us an email at


Abigail Ross Hopper
President & CEO
Solar Energy Industries Association



The MOSEIA Board is pleased to announce the appointment of our new
Executive Director, Mary Shields. She was a standout among the candidates,
and brings a wealth of experience to the organization.

  • 18+ years experience in the energy industry with over half focused on renewable energy
  • Founder/CEO of UR Solar Power, LLC
  • Senior executive as BP Solar’s EVP Global Sales and Marketing
  • Former SEIA board member, guest speaker at Solar Power International, IEEE global conference, and KPMG NA annual meeting
Mary is highly regarded in the industry, and we are thrilled to have her expertise
and passion working for us here in Missouri. Under her leadership,
we expect MOSEIA to continue to protect and expand the solar market.Your continued support over the years has helped make the Missouri solar industry successful. We still have a lot to do to grow the market while facing increasing industry threats. This coming legislative session will be a critical one for us, as we continue to fend off threats to net metering and press for more progressive policies that will expand solar and grow Missouri’s clean economy.Mary will be instrumental in finalizing our plans for the upcoming Conference November 9 & 10 in Springfield, MO.  We hope you will be there to meet her and share your vision for our industry!

Missouri lawmakers may be warming up to solar power

Measures aimed at fostering more solar energy have been filed in the Missouri General Assembly and, according to one legislator, are likely to generate more enthusiasm than the chilly reception they got last year.

One bill could substantially increase the number of renewable generators that could qualify for net metering by hiking the size cap from the current 100 kilowatts to one megawatt.

Supreme Court Ruling Brightens Southwest Missouri’s Solar Forecast

SAINT LOUIS, MO., FEB 11, 2015 – A Missouri Supreme Court opinion yesterday stated that The Legislature May Not Repeal an Initiative in Whole or in Part in Advance of its Passage.  Using strong language, the opinion called out the constitutionally protected right of the people of Missouri to enact legislation by ballot initiative.  The case focused on Empire Electric, an investor owned utility in Southwest Missouri, which promoted legislation passed by the legislature in 2008 attempting to exempt Empire from being required to participate in a rebate program that was included in the ballot language of Proposition C.

MOSEIA Press Release – Feb 11, 2015

Supreme Court Opinion

On roofs around the city, solar energy raises its profile

Nick Fandos – St. Louis Beacon

Driving past Civil Life Brewing Co. on a sunny afternoon, the flash of reflected sunlight can be distracting. A glance back at the year-old brewery in the Tower Grove South neighborhood of St. Louis reveals the light’s source: an array of 106 solar panels blanketing the brewery’s south-facing roof, shining in the sunlight.

“As a brewery, I think it’s important to be conscious of your environmental impact,” said Civil Life owner Jake Hafner. “For us, it was also just about good business strategy.”

With 25 kilowatts worth of panels and high-grade insulation, Hafner said he is saving hundreds of dollars a month in energy costs by reducing what he pulls from the traditional power grid by 35-50 percent. He monitors his solar production online and earns credit with Ameren, the brewery’s electric utility, when he produces more than he needs.

Link to read entire article online.